What is a Showcase?

Showcase is a feature to show your portfolio of design or project that you involved. It can be a feature that client learn about your design style and projects.

How do I create a showcase?

Choose a showcase section from menu bar on profile page. Click add showcase button to create a new album collection. Fill all the blank that requires in page. You can choose more than one photo to show on showcase. Click save album button to finish make a new showcase album

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How do I delete a showcase?

Go to a showcase section. Choose a photo showcase that you want to delete, click the red button in the corner of photo. Click Ok to confirm delete the showcase.

How do I update my showcase?

Choose one of your showcase that you want to update, click the showcase photo. There are 3 button that you can use to update the project.

  • Add Image to add more photos about your project. Fill the title and description about the photo. Click choose file to upload the photo. Finish this step by click save button
  • Add Video to add a video on your project showcase. Fill it with Youtube video link and write the description below. Don’t forget to click save.
  • Edit Showcase to update or edit info about your project. Fill all the blank section and click update showcase to finish this section.

Where is my review?

You will get a review after a client who work on a project write a review on your page. Your client must be a part of furnizing to send you a review. More review you get, more client will notice you.

How do I submit a review?

You must be a member of furnizing to submit a review. Click on write a review button on explore footer bar. You will get directly to a review page. Search the name of professional that get involved to your project. Click on their name then their profile will be shown. Click on send me review and fill all the section. Save button will complete all the steps that required to submit a review.

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