Go to setting on profile. Choose a social media setting and fill the blank with your social media URLs. There are four social media that you can attach in Furnizing, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Don’t forget to save after finish it.

How do I update or reset my password?

Go to setting on profile. Choose password menu, fill your current and new password then click save button to finish all the steps.

How do I update my email address?

Go to setting on profile. Choose profile info. There will be a lot of section to complete about yourself including email address. Type your new email and then click the save button.

How do I change my username?

You cannot change your username. It only appears one when you register to furnizing. Choose your username wisely.

How do I delete my account?

You cannot delete your account but you can deactive your account by go to setting on profile. Then choose deactive account. Tick the box near I’m agree and click the process button. Then you already deactive. Deactive means you cannot use your account and no one can search you on Furnizing.

How do I return my professional account to a regular member account?

To delete your professional account and being a regular member you can choose setting on profile. Then pick delete professional section. After that you will directly to a confirmation page. Tick the box near I’m Agree which mean you agree and aware for delete your professional page. Click process button to finish all the steps.

How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from Furnizing emails?

To subscribe newsletter from furnizing – go to homepage. Scroll the page until you see footer page. Click at Submit button on the bottom right corner. Enter your email address on the blank section and click Ok. After that you will get our latest update about furnizing through your personal email so you will get notification even when you are not online on Furnizing platform.

To unsubscribe newsletter from furnizing – Check one of our newsletter on your email. Scroll our message and you will find unsubscribe button in the bottom of page. Click the button and next you would not get any further newsletter from Furnizing.

How do I contact other user on Furnizing?

Go to the user page that you want to contact. There is a “contact me” button. Click the button and you can send direct message to the user. Your conversation will be saved on message section. Click the envelope icon on the upper menu bar. All your conversation history are saved in there.

How can I follow other user?

Go to the user page that you want to follow. Click Follow button. You will get the latest update about the person you follow on notifications.

How do I share photos I find on Furnizing?

There are two type for sharing photos

  • Each photo has a button that associated with it to share it via email. Click the email button and fill in the email addresses of anyone that want to share with
  • When you find a photo that you’d like and want to share it, click the album photo name and you will get directly to the album photos page. Choose a media you want to share the photo about by clicking the icon of social media in the page.

How do I save photos that I want?

Keep your photo in your album collection by click the save button in photo. Create a new album and type the name of the album. Or you can choose to keep the photo in existing album in your collection.

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